Tapon the Home screen to access the Menu.

  • Home

    Go to the Home screen.

  • Quests

    Embark on quests from this screen.

  • Equipment

    Change or strengthen your Keyblade here. You can also set and fuse Medals from this screen.

  • Avatar

    Boost your stats and get avatar parts.

  • Medal List

    View the Medals in your possession.

  • Shop

    Get Medals, sell materials, purchase Jewels, and expand your Medal storage capacity here.

  • Other

    View Notices, party details, and more!

Tap "Other" in the Menu to access the following.

Notices Check the latest information about events and campaigns.
Player Information View your profile, customize your avatar, change your title, and more!
Album See all the Medals you have collected and your album completion rate.
Party Manage your party, view rankings, and more!
Transfer Unions You can spend 100 Jewels to transfer to a different Union. You cannot transfer Unions on the day before rankings are disclosed.
Inquiries Jump to the Inquiries page.
Legal Information View User Agreement and License information.
Tap this button to connect to Facebook. You can migrate your data and share your accomplishments with your friends!
Help Open the Help page.
Settings Adjust the volume and notifications settings.
Credits See the credits here.
Theater View past stories.