Story Screen

Tap "Quests" on the Menu to reach this screen. Then tap "Story" and choose the quest you'd like to go on. You can unlock the other options on this screen as you continue on your adventure.

After you have decided on a quest, tap "Begin." Choose a Keyblade and a friend’s Medal to take with you, then you’ll be ready to start your adventure!

If you have cleared all the objectives in a quest, you can use a Skip Ticket. This magic pass grants you all the rewards and Lux from that stage without playing through it! You can get your hands on this special ticket as a bonus when you purchase Jewels. The number of tickets you receive depends on the volume of Jewels purchased.

Certain events reward a Skip Ticket+, a special item that lets you skip any stage, whether you've completed it or not! You'll still be granted all the rewards and Lux from that stage. However, using this ticket will not allow you to complete any objectives.

When embarking on a quest, you can borrow a Medal from a friend. This Medal will be temporarily equipped to your Keyblade and can be used during battle.

Tap "Filter" in the bottom right corner to sort through your quests.

Your newest quest will always be displayed.