Raid Bosses

These tough enemies will try to block the path to your next quest, but don't let that deter you. You can earn a lot of Lux even if you're defeated!

Raid Bosses have several points. Each point you defeat will stun them for one turn. Bring down the Raid Boss to get rare items!

★The Raid Boss's level resets at the beginning of every month.

Raid Bosses

If you cannot defeat the Raid Boss in one attempt, a support request will automatically be sent to your party members and other players. If multiple players join the Raid Boss battle that you host, the participants will be displayed on the results screen and receive rewards for their help during the battle. The player who dealt the most damage will be crowned the MVP and receive a great prize!

If the Raid Boss is defeated while you are attacking, that damage will not be included in the damage total when deciding the MVP.