What is a Medal?

A Medal is an item set in your Keyblade to determine your equipment's strength and defense. Each Medal has a special attack that can be unleashed to deal great damage! You can get Medals through completing quests or trading in your Jewels at the Shop. The rarity of Medals is shown by stars, the strongest Medal having 6 stars.

There are certain types of Medals that cannot be set in your Keyblade, but are used in other ways.

EXP Medals
Fuse these to your base Medal for extra EXP!
Boost Medals
Fuse these to a Medal to boost its STR/DEF! A 3★ Medal gives a +5 boost, a 5★ Medal a +25 boost, and a 6★ Medal a +150 boost.

The STR/DEF of 1★–4★ Medals can be boosted up to +200, 5★ Medals up to +400, and 6★ Medals up to +1,000.

When fusing a boosted Medal to a base Medal, the boost will not be carried over.
Skill Medals
Fuse these to your base Medal to attach a skill!
Cost Medals
Fuse these to lower the cost of a 6★ Medal! The cost of a Medal can be lowered by up to 10.

When fusing a cost-reduced Medal to a base Medal, the cost reduction will not be carried over.
Munny Medals
Sell these Medals for lots of munny!
Evolve Medals
Use these Medals to increase a Medal's rarity and make it stronger! The rarity and attribute of the base Medal determines the Evolve Medals needed.